Monoclonal Antibody Development for Autoimmune Diseases

Equipped with rich experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Creative Biolabs is an excellent expert in the development of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. We are committed to being your best partner and providing a range of quality services for mAbs development.

Autoimmune Diseases

mAbs may be an important alternative for the conventional therapy of some autoimmune diseases. Currently, many mAbs have been approved for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Besides, other mAbs are also being investigated and evaluated. Mechanisms of action of these therapeutic antibodies include 1) cytokine and growth factor blockade; 2) blocking ligand-receptor interactions by targeting the receptor; 3) binding to cell surface antigens and depleting antigen-bearing cells; 4) inducing TCR-mediated signals and altering T cell functions.

Mechanisms of action of therapeutic antibodies.Fig.1 Mechanisms of action of therapeutic antibodies. (Chan, 2010)

Targets of mAbs

Inflammatory cytokines play an important role in the development and pathogenesis of inflammatory and/or autoimmune diseases, such as TNFα, IL-6, IL-23, and IL-17. Therapeutic mAbs targeting these inflammatory cytokines have been shown as useful therapeutic strategies in multiple autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and inflammatory bowel disease.

Similarly, mAbs targeting cytokine receptors such as IL-6R and IL-17R have also been effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Costimulatory pathways such as CD28/CTLA-4, ICOS-B7RP1, CD70-CD27, CD40-CD154, or OX40-OX40L play a key role in antigen-specific T cell activation and maintenance of self-tolerance. Blocking mAbs targeting costimulatory pathways have been shown as a potential strategy for the treatment of autoimmune disorders.

CD20 is a transmembrane calcium channel that functions in B cell activation, proliferation, and differentiation. mAbs targeting CD20 molecules was shown to delete T cell-activating B cells, initially developed to treat B cell proliferative disorders and subsequently used to treat autoimmune disorders.

Programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) plays a critical role in the regulation of the induction and maintenance of peripheral tolerance and protecting tissues from the autoimmune attack in physiological conditions. PD-1 agonists may be effective for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, allergy, and transplant rejection.

mAbs Development at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an emerging biotherapeutics company that focuses on the discovery of therapeutic Abs to treat a variety of human autoimmune diseases. We have developed and optimized in-house antibody development platforms including phage display, hybridoma technique, single B cell antibody technique, and humanization of mAbs. Supporting by an experienced expert team and powerful technical platforms, we are committed to offering a full spectrum of high-quality therapeutic antibody development services for global clients. Besides, we also provide antibody analysis services for evaluating the safety and efficacy of therapeutic mAbs for autoimmune diseases.

Advantages of Our Autoimmune Diseases Monoclonal Antibody Development 

  • Powerful mAb development technologies
  • A competent and professional team
  • Cost and time-saving benefits for your project
  • Best after-sales service

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  1. Chan, A.C.; and Carter, P.J. Therapeutic antibodies for autoimmunity and inflammation. Nature Reviews Immunology. 2010, 10(5):301-316

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