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Creative Biolabs is one of the world's leading CROs dedicated to delivering excellence, expertise, and quality services to accelerate autoimmune disease preclinical drug discovery. We firmly believe that the success of Creative Biolabs is synchronized with the realization of personal career goals. Whether you want to become an expert in the drug development niche, or be rewarded for your abilities, we are committed to providing our employees a promising future and enabling them to fulfill their career aspirations.

What can we offer?
We realize that the key to Creative Biolabs' success is our employees who are passionate about their work. In return, we strive to meet their various needs, provide competitive development opportunities and welfare plans, help them achieve a comfortable work-life balance, and improve their life quality. Our reward system converts employee performance, personal growth, and achievement into compensation. Our benefits include:

•  Competitive base salary.
•  First-year incentives for excellent beginners.
•  Annual bonus based on general personal performance.
•  Employee stock purchase plan.
•  Paid vacation.
•  Retirement benefits.
•  Life insurance and disability income insurance.
•  H1B sponsorship.
•  Educational Assistance Program.

How to join us?
Check out our available positions and apply for one that best matches your interests, skills, background, and abilities. Fill out the online application and attach a cover letter as well as more references in your field. Once receiving the application, we will make a preliminary screening and arrange for candidates that best match the job requirements to participate in an interview. After the interview, we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

Career opportunities

Job Title Location Educational Requirement
Sales Manager, Autoimmune Diseases New York, United States
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Project Manager, Autoimmune Diseases New York, United States
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Drug Development Specialist, Autoimmune Diseases New York, United States M.S./Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Autoimmune Diseases New York, United States M.S./Ph.D.
Research Associate, Autoimmune Diseases New York, United States M.S./Ph.D.
Lab Manager, Autoimmune Diseasess New York, United States Ph.D.

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Creative Biolabs is a world-leading CRO that is skilled in developing novel therapies,
especially in antibody and cell therapy for autoimmune diseases.

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