Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome (ALPS) Drug Development

Based on the well-established platforms and cutting-edge techniques, the experienced scientists at Creative Biolabs are dedicated to developing novel drugs for autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) to meet the needs of our customers’ specific drug discovery project. We provide full technical support to our customers and will never leave you with an unresolved issue.

ALPS is a disorder characterized by immune dysregulation due to disrupted lymphocyte homeostasis. It is mainly caused by defective Fas-mediated apoptotic pathway. A myriad of clinical manifestations can be found in ALPS patients, including chronic lymphoproliferation, hepatosplenomegaly, autoimmune manifestations, and increased secondary malignancies rates.

Fas apoptotic pathway. Fig.1 Fas apoptotic pathway. (Teachey, 2010)

Treatment of ALPS

The anti-CD20 monoclonal chimeric antibodies have been used increasingly in patients with several autoimmune conditions, including ALPS. However, the risk of clinically significant hypogammaglobulinemia may be disproportionately high when used in patients with ALPS. Moreover, the treatment efficacy of some anti-CD20 monoclonal chimeric antibodies is generally transient, and many patients also reveal the disease relapse after its withdrawal.

Some studies have found that IL-17 neutralization seems to improve lymphocyte apoptosis with ALPS, which leads to some new treatments based on these molecular mechanisms. In a mouse model of ALPS, treatment with anti-IL-17A antibodies has been shown to ameliorate the autoimmune manifestations, the lymphoproliferative phenotype and prolong survival. As the autoimmune manifestations and pathophysiology of ALPS are better characterized, several targeted therapies and cell-based therapies are in preclinical development and clinical trials with promising early results.

Treatment of autoimmune cytopenias in ALPS patients. Fig.2 Treatment of autoimmune cytopenias in ALPS patients. (Teachey, 2010)

ALPS Drug Development Services

More useful options for ALPS treatment improve the life quality and relieve the clinical symptoms of patients with ALPS, leading to a new era of improved treatment outcomes for ALPS. With our extensive experience, advanced platform, and powerful technologies, Creative Biolabs is confident in offering the most suitable solutions and the best drug development services for our global customers. You can work with us to select the most appropriate platform, study design, and screening method tailored to each of your drug candidates and research question. At Creative Biolabs, we tailor the most suitable solutions for your projects to guarantee the most satisfactory results for our customers all over the world, including but not limited to:

  • Monoclonal Antibody Development for ALPS
  • Bispecific Antibody Development for ALPS
  • Cell-based Therapy for ALPS

Creative Biolabs has more than ten years of experience providing comprehensive drug development support to the pharmaceutical industries, especially in autoimmune diseases. Please contact us for more detailed information. We look forward to discussing your inquiry and finding the best solution for your needs.


  1. Teachey, D.T.; et al. Advances in the management and understanding of autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS). British journal of haematology. 2010, 148(2): 205-216.

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