Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on autoimmune diseases. Currently, a wide array of platforms has been established for discovering various types of autoimmune orchitis drugs. We are very proud of providing high-quality, omnidirectional antibody and cell-based therapy development systems targeting autoimmune orchitis to our valued clients to remove the difficulties of your projects.

Introduction to Autoimmune Orchitis

Autoimmune orchitis is an autoimmune disease that is mainly caused by inflammation of the testis and the production of anti-sperm antibodies (ASAs). Nowadays, based on different clinical features, it has been divided into two subtypes, primary autoimmune orchitis, and secondary autoimmune orchitis. Patients with primary autoimmune orchitis are normally asymptomatic, infertility, and with the presence of ASAs. Secondary autoimmune orchitis is usually associated with one or several systemic autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatic autoimmune diseases. These patients often show testicular pain, erythema, or swelling, and other symptoms.

Immunopathogenesis of autoimmune orchitis. Fig.1 Immunopathogenesis of autoimmune orchitis. (Levinson, 2016)

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Orchitis

In the past few years, pilot studies have demonstrated that autoimmune orchitis may induce T-cell-mediated immune responses and the production of many inflammatory cytokines, which eventually leads to a change in blood-testis barrier permeability, ASA production, as well as spermatocyte or sperm cell apoptosis. As a result, a wide variety of laboratory strategies, including ASA detection, imaging, and biopsy, have been established for diagnosing autoimmune orchitis.

Besides, many attempts have been made to generate new drugs and cell-based therapies for the treatment of autoimmune orchitis. Recent studies have revealed that corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs have shown a promising role in treating autoimmune orchitis. Furthermore, temporary palliative treatments, such as painkillers, sub-cooling, and bed rest have become a common way for autoimmune orchitis management. Therefore, new treatment options are urgently needed.

Our Services for Autoimmune Orchitis Drug Development

With the commitment of being your best autoimmune orchitis drug discovery partner, Creative Biolabs has established the utmost efficient integrated solutions to innovate and accelerate your drug development process. Equipped with a team of professional scientists, we have established a full range of antibody-drug discovery platforms for our clients, ranging from lead candidate identification, antibody characteristics, toxicology assessment, to cGMP production and analytics. In addition, we also provide cell-based therapy development services by using our unique cell analysis platform. Our goal is to promote drug candidates to clinical application for the treatment of autoimmune orchitis in all ages of human populations.

Antibody Drug Discovery Workflow

  • Target identification & Validation
  • Antibody Lead Generation
  • Antibody Lead Optimization
  • Antibody Lead Analysis
  • Antibody Lead Selection & Production
  • Antibody Preclinical Development &Testing

As a reliable drug discovery company, Creative Biolabs is committed and proud to be part of this rewarding challenge by offering support to autoimmune orchitis-based cell therapy development services and pre-clinical drug discovery for our clients. We are proud to partner with you on the journey of bringing novel candidate drugs to autoimmune orchitis therapy in the clinic. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Silva, C. A., et al. Diagnosis and classification of autoimmune orchitis. Autoimmunity reviews. 2014, 13(4-5): 431-434.

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